About Organizing

By December 14, 2015November 7th, 2020ACTIONS, ORGANIZING

Organizing to achieve better election integrity involves coming together into a group, or social network, that acts in shared interest.

In general, connecting with and building a network amplifies power.

• Organizing can aim to create a durable organization, or it can be less formal and more temporary in character.

• Organizing can promote consensus building, which may be viewed as a later step in the chain that creates change.

• Organizing can also address earlier steps in the chain, where change may involve conflict, a willingness to struggle, or even be ridiculed or ostracized at first, in order to generate collective strength for the powerless.

• A key goal of organizing is to build greater power for a group of individuals to influence decision-makers.

• Organizing facilitates actions which require a variety of different skill sets.

Organizing goals can include:

• Getting “a place at the table” for a representative of a group that does not hold power.

• Creating public awareness by having many voices talking to media, doing public speaking at political council meetings, or creating a visual event such as a demonstration.




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