About Research

Election integrity research is any systematic investigation to discover facts or collect information in order to improve election transparency, fairness and accountability. Research includes methods such as observation to document election problems; case studies; quotations from experts and witnesses; tests, photo / video evidence, collection of costs and statistics. Some useful research sources are: • Public records • Video and…
Bev Harris
December 14, 2015

2013-04-23: (CA) Testimony by Tom Courbat opposing Internet voting bill

Here is an example of carefully researched, professional, and articulate advocacy: Testimony by Tom Courbat before the California Assembly Elections Committee opposing AB 19, an Internet voting bill. My name is Tom Courbat. I am the former Finance Director for Riverside County, California and am a 100% disabled Army veteran. I have been monitoring elections for seven (7) years and was…
Bev Harris
December 1, 2015