florida-leon-countyLeon County: located in the northern panhandle of the state of Florida. County seat and largest city: Tallahassee (which is also Florida state capitol); Population: 275,000 (2010); Registered voters: 189,000 (2014); Under former Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho, Leon County was known for its high level of administrative integrity; Sancho was selected to lead the 2000 Florida hand count of ballots in dispute in Miami-Dade County, though the U.S. Supreme Court stopped the count just as it got underway. In 2005, Leon County allowed a demonstration of what is now known as the Hursti Hack, demonstrating the ease with which vote results can be altered without detection,  which became the center piece of an HBO documentary titled Hacking Democracy.


2008/01/07 – New Hampshire election credibility – Video footage with brief transcript of hacking demonstration of Leon County, Florida voting system, the same make and model used in New Hampshire