Election disputes


Chain of Custody for Recounts

- In the current Virginia recount, voting machine chain of custody deserves a closer look. A handful of men control chain of custody for crucial portions of the recount process, which in Virginia is conducted entirely by re-running the ballots through voting computers, with votes counted out of public view. Oh yes, observers may be able to watch activity, such…
Bev Harris
December 17, 2013

Political Money

"Money, politics, and crime are the main elements of power struggles in any society." (In fact, pretty much everything in politics is really about money.)
Bev Harris
November 26, 2013

2007/01/24 – (WY) Sheridan County: Hand Recounts Prohibited

Through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, a group of Wyoming citizens in Sheridan County chose to examine ballots for the 2006 US House race. Use of "right to know" laws for public authentication of ballot counts provides a useful, though not definitive way to evaluate vote count integrity. The difference between a public hand count through FOIA requests and…
Bev Harris
January 24, 2007