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2005-10-14: (GA) Software Slows Vote Counting

(Original article 10/14/2005) According to a report by the Associated Press which raises more questions than it answers, new software was incorporated into Georgia's Diebold touch-screen voting system in Spring 2005, slowing down the count for as much as 24 hours. The AP reports: Ballot-counting in next month's Georgia elections may be slowed by security software, some local officials say.…
Bev Harris
February 28, 2014

(US-WY) – Vote Counting: Voting machine problems delay results

A careful reading of the Casper Star-Tribune's detailed reporting, below, provides a pretty good guess as to what was really going on. Carbon County and Laramie County reported very similar problems: When trying to upload precinct results the transmission balked. A closer look, using the Verifier tool at VerifiedVoting.org, shows that both Carbon and Laramie counties were using Diebold systems,…
Bev Harris
November 9, 2006