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Election Protection Tools: Voter Lists – Mobile app

WHEN: Several months before the election;  HOW: To improve the list of who can vote, create and publicize a mobile phone app to let everyone easily check the accuracy of voter registration information. This election protection tool was used successfully in Pakistan, by activating an SMS mobile phone text-messaging system available to everyone with access to a mobile phone. It helped correct voter list…
Bev Harris
June 29, 2015

2014/03/11 (CA) How to increase voter list accuracy and transparency in California

Black Box Voting remarks submitted for California 3/11/14 meeting on Senate Select Committee on Science, Innovation and Public Policy To: Senator Padilla From: Black Box Voting Submitted March 11, 2014 I am the director of Black Box Voting, a national, nonprofit, nonpartisan election transparency organization. I respectfully submit the following remarks for the meeting of the Senate Select Committee on…
Bev Harris
March 19, 2014

Pakistan: Simple innovations improve voter list accuracy, turnout, and reduce fraud

An award-winning voting rights innovation improved voter lists in Pakistan, where an SMS mobile phone text-messaging system got voters to interact with voter lists to correct errors and see where to vote. Out of 85 million registered voters, the SMS system got 55 million hits; voter turnout increased, and marginalized groups like persons with disabilities measurably increased election engagement. In…
Bev Harris
January 20, 2014