That was then. This is now: Black Box Voting 2.0

2006. 2016. 2021. As you can see, we’re still in the same boat. We’ve revamped this site for 2021. BlackBoxVoting 2.0 will combine legacy research from Bev Harris, who developed the original in 2003, with current work by a growing citizen talent pool. The site is now jointly administered by Bennie Smith, a computer programmer and  election commissioner for Shelby County, TN, and Bev Harris. The site will provide expert content to publicize important, durable information to expose problems and improve process. All contributors have front-line experience in attempting to verify elections.

This site focuses on process, because it is the breakdown of these processes that make our elections vulnerable. The core problem for our fragile elections framework is secrecy: withholding from the public the evidence needed to authenticate whether results are true.

2006 – CNN video, Bev Harris:

2016 – Bloomberg News, Bennie Smith:

Election processes are outdated. The whole picture is rarely seen. Incentives to control election outcomes are powerful. Contracts are lucrative, both for election equipment and even more so for those pitching purchases to the officials chosen in elections. Therefore, we will also look at decisionmakers and vendors, and will examine their motivations to remain in the offices that citizens elect them to.

It is only after we look at process and motivation together that the proverbial elephant in the room (the need for transparency) will be wrestled to the ground to bring meaningful accountability in elections to the public.

The blackbox has many boxes. Our mission is to turn each black square into a transparent one, until the blackbox becomes an open, crowdsourced process – the only clear path to the Consent of the Governed.



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