That was then. This is now: Black Box Voting 2.0

2006. 2016. 2021. As you can see, we're still in the same boat. We've revamped this site for 2021. BlackBoxVoting 2.0 will combine legacy research from Bev Harris, who developed the original in 2003, with current work by a growing citizen talent pool. The site is now jointly administered by Bennie Smith, a computer programmer and  election commissioner for…
Bev Harris
January 6, 2021

The Case of Dr. Laura Pressley – A Study in Texas Election Law

By Bev Harris and Jim Keller Human beings rely on one another for reality testing. Consensus is sometimes used to imply truth, but consensus is a dubious approach if a result is false. Election results can become false through error, outside “hacking,” or inside manipulation. The Texas legislature addressed election fraud as a concern when it passed laws to require…
Bev Harris
June 14, 2017

Actions: The Brakey Method

Put the brakes on "mystery elections" once and for all. A simple 3-step method places public elections back under public control. THE BRAKEY METHOD Preserve and make public the "ballot images" -- Modern voting systems take a picture of every ballot, called a "ballot image." Peg the ballot image to the actual ballot using a unique ID number (not connected…
Bev Harris
November 15, 2016

Stream ‘Hacking Democracy’ – now on Amazon Video

The Emmy-nominated HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy, has recently been made available for streaming on Amazon Video. Most people don't realize that the producers of this film are independent filmmakers from Great Britain -- they dug deep into their own pockets, and credit cards, to produce a film that was so controversial it was not at all certain whether it would…
Bev Harris
October 31, 2016

What Constitutes an Election Audit

Guest Author - Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D.: Ohio citizens conducted, under my direction, a genuine audit of the 2004 presidential election. This was no mere “spot check” of randomly selected precincts, and no mere “recount” of the same ballots previously run through the electronic tabulators. We learned to ask for everything: ballots, poll books, voter signature books, ballot accounting charts,…
Bev Harris
July 19, 2016

About Role Models

A role model is a person who leads by example. Because elections are multi-faceted, people with different kinds of expertise can become highly effective using their own unique skill set. Being a role model does not require wealth or a powerful position; anybody from the community has the potential to become an outstanding election integrity role model. "Never doubt that…
Bev Harris
December 14, 2015

2013-04-23: (CA) Testimony by Tom Courbat opposing Internet voting bill

Here is an example of carefully researched, professional, and articulate advocacy: Testimony by Tom Courbat before the California Assembly Elections Committee opposing AB 19, an Internet voting bill. My name is Tom Courbat. I am the former Finance Director for Riverside County, California and am a 100% disabled Army veteran. I have been monitoring elections for seven (7) years and was…
Bev Harris
December 1, 2015