Black Box Voting, founded in 2003, is a nonpartisan investigative reporting and public education organization for elections.

Dec. 02, 2016: We saw this one coming: Lawsuit filed against Wisconsin recount on equal protection grounds; Wisconsin allowing wide variations in how the ballots are counted. … lawsuit filed against Michigan recounts as well … links  Dec. 01, 2016: Increasing Wisconsin recount  red flags: Outagamie County Wisconsin double whammy: reported wrong results on Election Night and now refuses to allow human eyes on the recount ballots … Also, seeing scattered reports that the certified Pennsylvania results dropped about one-third of Trump’s votes from the unofficial totals.  …  links

2013-04-23: (CA) Testimony by Tom Courbat opposing Internet voting bill


Here is an example of carefully researched, professional, and articulate advocacy: Testimony by Tom Courbat before the California Assembly Elections Committee opposing AB 19, an Internet voting bill. My name is Tom Courbat. I am the former Finance Director for Riverside County, California and am a 100% disabled Army veteran. I have been monitoring elections for seven (7) years and was…

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Election Protection Tools: Voter Lists – Mobile app

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WHEN: Several months before the election;  HOW: To improve the list of who can vote, create and publicize a mobile phone app to let everyone easily check the accuracy of voter registration information. This election protection tool was used successfully in Pakistan, by activating an SMS mobile phone text-messaging system available to everyone with access to a mobile phone. It helped correct voter list…

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2014/03/11 (CA) How to increase voter list accuracy and transparency in California

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Black Box Voting remarks submitted for California 3/11/14 meeting on Senate Select Committee on Science, Innovation and Public Policy To: Senator Padilla From: Black Box Voting Submitted March 11, 2014 I am the director of Black Box Voting, a national, nonprofit, nonpartisan election transparency organization. I respectfully submit the following remarks for the meeting of the Senate Select Committee on…

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City of Cumming, Georgia joins municipality-based attack on Freedom of Information rights

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[Last updated 03/02/14] In April, 2012 the city of Cumming, Georgia blocked a citizen journalist from videotaping open meetings; in Dec. 2013, nearly two years later, the matter was still under mediation. Open meetings around the USA are frequently not only videotaped, but aired on public access TV. Videotaping is a crucial part of freedom of information because it captures…

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2005-10-14: (GA) Software Slows Vote Counting


(Original article 10/14/2005) According to a report by the Associated Press1 which raises more questions than it answers, new software was incorporated into Georgia’s Diebold touch-screen voting system in Spring 2005, slowing down the count for as much as 24 hours. The AP reports: Ballot-counting in next month’s Georgia elections may be slowed by security software, some local officials say….

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Pakistan: Simple innovations improve voter list accuracy, turnout, and reduce fraud

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An award-winning voting rights innovation improved voter lists in Pakistan, where an SMS mobile phone text-messaging system got voters to interact with voter lists to correct errors and see where to vote. Out of 85 million registered voters, the SMS system got 55 million hits; voter turnout increased, and marginalized groups like persons with disabilities measurably increased election engagement. In…

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2014/01/11 (AK) Concerns about potential procedural changes for Anchorage elections


Letter of concern pertaining to three potential procedural changes pending for Anchorage, the electoral region which dominates the state of Alaska, and controls most of Alaska’s vote-counting equipment. (Result: Right to observe and use mobile devices was preserved after proposed rollback of rights.) Black Box Voting is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public education and research organization for election transparency. From: Bev…

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