About Organizing

Organizing to achieve better election integrity involves coming together into a group, or social network, that acts in shared interest. In general, connecting with and building a network amplifies power. • Organizing can aim to create a durable organization, or it can be less formal and more temporary in character. • Organizing can promote consensus building, which may be viewed…
Bev Harris
December 14, 2015

About Research

Election integrity research is any systematic investigation to discover facts or collect information in order to improve election transparency, fairness and accountability. Research includes methods such as observation to document election problems; case studies; quotations from experts and witnesses; tests, photo / video evidence, collection of costs and statistics. Some useful research sources are: • Public records • Video and…
Bev Harris
December 14, 2015

About Technology

Technology can make elections more accountable to the public, or less transparent, depending on how it is used. Technology to improve public accountability and transparency of elections: Technologies to enable on-the-spot video or photo capture of results, processes, or irregularities can help enormously to deter misconduct. Rapid, dispersed communication, enabled through electronic communication, can time-stamp information, making it more difficult…
Bev Harris
December 14, 2015

2013-04-23: (CA) Testimony by Tom Courbat opposing Internet voting bill

Here is an example of carefully researched, professional, and articulate advocacy: Testimony by Tom Courbat before the California Assembly Elections Committee opposing AB 19, an Internet voting bill. My name is Tom Courbat. I am the former Finance Director for Riverside County, California and am a 100% disabled Army veteran. I have been monitoring elections for seven (7) years and was…
Bev Harris
December 1, 2015

2014/03/11 (CA) How to increase voter list accuracy and transparency in California

Black Box Voting remarks submitted for California 3/11/14 meeting on Senate Select Committee on Science, Innovation and Public Policy To: Senator Padilla From: Black Box Voting Submitted March 11, 2014 I am the director of Black Box Voting, a national, nonprofit, nonpartisan election transparency organization. I respectfully submit the following remarks for the meeting of the Senate Select Committee on…
Bev Harris
March 19, 2014

2014/01/11 (AK) Concerns about potential procedural changes for Anchorage elections

Letter of concern pertaining to three potential procedural changes pending for Anchorage, the electoral region which dominates the state of Alaska, and controls most of Alaska's vote-counting equipment. (Result: Right to observe and use mobile devices was preserved after proposed rollback of rights.) Black Box Voting is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public education and research organization for election transparency. From: Bev…
Bev Harris
January 11, 2014

2007/01/24 – (WY) Sheridan County: Hand Recounts Prohibited

Through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, a group of Wyoming citizens in Sheridan County chose to examine ballots for the 2006 US House race. Use of "right to know" laws for public authentication of ballot counts provides a useful, though not definitive way to evaluate vote count integrity. The difference between a public hand count through FOIA requests and…
Bev Harris
January 24, 2007