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By October 31, 2016November 2nd, 2016RESEARCH, ROLE MODELS

The Emmy-nominated HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy, has recently been made available for streaming on Amazon Video. Most people don’t realize that the producers of this film are independent filmmakers from Great Britain — they dug deep into their own pockets, and credit cards, to produce a film that was so controversial it was not at all certain whether it would ever see the light of day.

Russell Michaels and Simon Ardizzone followed us around for two years while documenting this film. I will always be honored and grateful that these two courageous filmmakers, along with producer Sarah Teale, had the courage to make this film happen.

No, it’s not a free download on Amazon. You can afford the small fee to rent or buy. Consider it a contribution to the gutsy commitment these folks made to make sure the truth is known. They took risks.

You can stream the film on your Kindle or TV through You can find more about it at the Hacking Democracy Web site:

Russell Michaels continues to nose about and we speak semi-regularly to share what we know. I have a feeling you’ll hear more from him, as he continues to find very important information.

By the way, people often refer to it as “my” film. I didn’t do anything but my daily work. The film is theirs. I didn’t get paid and they burnt a hole in their own pockets to make the film. That happens to be the reality for many documentary film producers, especially those who are exposing the truth. It is interesting that it took people from England to tell America what’s really going on with its elections.








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